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Leather Chelsea boots for men Formal Burgundy Or Leather Chelsea!!! What's Your Pick For This Winter? Winters are on their peak and your collection needs a bit of up-styling. The classic burgundy formal shoes for men ...are certainly the must-have items in any wardrobe. The charming shade of red offers the finest look for various attires. Although, it seems it's a bit underrated. Which is why here you could dive into the charming appeal of formal burgundy shoes. But that's not all. If your style is a little chic, then you have the option to tap on some style with leather Chelsea boots. The iconic finesse of this contemporary footwear is all that you need to make your collection outstand. This blog would offer a quick insight into these two quintessential pieces. Styling Is The Key Deciding Factor The footwear choice you make depends on the style you want to add. If your motto is to add some depth to your character, nothing would do it better than those formal burgundy shoes. Whether you want to embrace conservatism or make it a bit more classic, burgundy shoes always have your back. Coming to the elegant leather Chelsea boots for men, they have a sleek design with exclusive versatility. Their diverse appeal makes them suitable for various stylings. The best of all is their spectacular ease of wearing. Get them on and off with a swish. Upgrade Your Style!!! If your styling requires something to match with dark shades, then these classic formal burgundy shoes are your pick. They function gracefully with chinos, dark shaded pants and jeans. The Chelsea boots, that too the leather ones are absolutely complementary to your semi-formal and other formal attires. Though, Chelsea boots are often paired with casuals as well. The amazing versatility makes them ideal for all your attires. So, pick the right choice here! better, get both for different occasions.